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Rutas de autobuses

Experience the future of transportation with our micro-transit service and discover the flexibility it offers.

Say goodbye to fixed routes.

Micro-transit is a flexible and cost-effective transport service that combines buses and vans to pick up and drop off passengers along dynamic routes. Enjoy the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at your desired locations.


Schedule a ride on our free app or by calling

our scheduling team at 1-800-266-2320.

GCTD tiene paradas de autobús ubicadas en ciudades dentro de Brazoria y el condado de Galveston. 

Puede encontrar un mapa más detallado de nuestras paradas de autobús y encontrar la más cercana haciendo clic
aquí .

O, para su comodidad, puede descargar, abrir y ver los horarios en PDF en cualquier momento. 

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Click image to enlarge.

Accessibility Accommodations

Our micro-transit service is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all passengers, with features to accommodate various mobility needs.

Wheelchairs or Powerchairs

Walkers or



Service Animals



Origin must be in Brazoria or Galveston County service area.

One-Way Trip in Rider Zone

Regular - $1.00

Seniors, Students & Persons with
Disability - $0.50

Children 6 & under - Free

One-Way Trip Outside Rider Zone

First Ten Miles - $2.00

Each Additional Mile - $0.25

Veteran's Services

One-way trip - $3.50

Door-to-Door service to
Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital
in Houston when available with 48-hour advance reservation.
6am to 6pm Mon -Fri

Park & Ride Services

Texas City - $2.00 (One-way trip)

League City - $4.00 (One-way trip)

Facilities to leave vehicle and take a bus from UTMB League City or GCTD Admin Texas City to UTMB Galveston.

Discount Fare Coupon Books

General All Purpose - 20 Rides $15.00

Seniors, students, persons with
disability - 20 rides $7.50

Texas City Park & Ride - 50 rides $75.00

League City Park & Ride - 50 rides $150

Si desea que le enviemos un horario directamente o si tiene preguntas sobre los horarios, llame al

1-800-266-2320 o envíe un correo electrónico a  

También puede recoger un horario de los miembros de nuestro personal en cualquier momento.

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