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About GCTD

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create, offer and continuously improve a flexible network of regional public transportation options and mobile solutions. 

We envision a future in our growing community in which we provide convenience, choice, reliability, economical, opportunity and sustainability. 

Vision Statement

All people can live, learn, work and play conveniently and independently without driving. 

People choose to travel via public transportation because it is a safe, affordable, modern and environmentally friendly way of getting where they need to go. 

Employers and employees prosper with convenient transportation solutions that support and strengthen communities and the local economy.

Families are strengthened and sustained through cost-effective and convenient transportation choices for all family members. 

Values and Beliefs

We have a moral and economical obligation to provide transportation alternatives. Shaping regional developmental patterns. Building broad-based collaboration to meet the needs of our citizens. Customer-Service oriented. Customer Loyalty. and Employee Valuation. 

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